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You one of those voters who unhappy with your choice of presidential candidates in 2016, another good reason to split your ticket is Mark Miller, the Libertarian who unquestionably this year most qualified candidate for Railroad Commission of Texas commissioner. He deserves the job, and yes, this commission deserves a new name. Tickets might be the best way to go about voting this year because it requires that we think more about individual candidates and their platforms rather than their party affiliations..

(Yes, I have a slight coffee addiction.) I did remember to use my metal straw though. It doesn show the resources used (and waste created) to make the things I needed to get through that week. It doesn show the boxes and bubble wrap used to ship the items.

Virtual citizen science platforms allow non scientists to take part in scientific research across a range of disciplines. What they ask of volunteers varies considerably in terms of task type, variety, user judgement required and user freedom, which has received little direct investigation. A study was performed with the Planet Four: Craters project to investigate the effect of task workflow design on both volunteer experience and the scientific results they produce.

According to Sagar Shah, the general manager of Uber St. Without UberX. Uber attempts to enter the St. Milton was predeceased by a brother, Karl Goodkowsky of Columbia; and a niece, Bonnie Spearing of Bangor. A celebration of Milton life was held at Messier Funeral Home, Holyoke, Mass. Wednesday, Dec.

It is worth noting that optimally designed experiments may require smaller sample sizes to achieve the same statistical outcomes as non optimally designed experiments. In this paper, we develop a model based approach to optimal experimental design for functional response experiments in the presence of parameter uncertainty (also known as a robust optimal design approach). Further, we develop and compare new utility functions which better focus on the statistical efficiency of the designs; these utilities are generally applicable for robust optimal design in other applications (not just in functional response).

Rigorous convergence rates are established for 3DVAR and for the Kalman filters, including minimax rates in some instances. Blowup of 3DVAR and a variant of its basic form is also presented, and optimality of the Kalman filter is discussed. These analyses reveal a close connection between (iterated) regularization schemes in deterministic inverse problems and filter based methods in data assimilation.

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