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Not bad for a couple of hours work and my first foray into book sales without a scanner. I think it really all depends on the inventory at the sale. Can’t buy what’s not there. North Korea is taking advantage of the strategic chaos unleashed in the Middle East by Iran’s strikes on two Saudi Aramco facilities, with Pyongyang effectively claiming it has a green light for all types of mischief. North Korea knows how to make tactical strikes and get away without a response, as seen with the 2010 sinking of the South Korean ROKS Cheonan with significant loss of life. Perhaps one could argue that Iran learned this tactic from Pyongyang’s experience.

We also introduce the notion of asymmetry witnesses, whose measurement in a laboratory detects the presence of asymmetry. We prove that properly constrained asymmetry witnesses provide lower bounds to the robustness of asymmetry, which is shown to be a directly measurable quantity itself. We then focus our attention on coherence witnesses and the robustness of coherence, for which we prove a number of additional results; these include an analysis of its specific relevance in phase discrimination and quantum metrology, an analytical calculation of its value for a relevant class of quantum states, and tight bounds that relate it to another previously defined coherence monotone..

Tuberculosis germs don’t thrive on surfaces. This is also known as the Mantoux tuberculin skin test. A health care worker injects a small amount of fluid into the skin of your lower arm. The outcomes of these bans preview the challenge ahead. The oil and natural gas industry, consumer groups and anyone interested in a more secure and cleaner America need to build a coalition of shale gas supporters that informs then draws together communities. CEA is working to educate the public about the environmental and economic outcomes from responsible use of the technology to help ensure that there is an honest dialogue on the safe responsible production of our energy resources..

ST. LOUIS The streets downtown St. Louis will be filled with local union workers Monday September 4 for the Downtown Labor Day Parade. Established since 1968, Braidwood Swim Club may be forced to close this week if it cannot fill its committee. Find out more here. 7.25am: BOWRAL.

A recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that when exercisers quickly squeezed their abs at the top of a swing, their obliques contracted more than 100 percent of their maximum potential. Those who didn perform the contraction? They saw only a 20 percent side abs engagement. “Adding a fast, explosive abdominal contraction like this allows your obliques to engage far beyond what they normally would, because every ounce of your muscles power is needed to stop such powerful movements,” Porcari says.

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