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Were discussing what we could do here at the library for the students and we thought maybe over the summer so children don forget what they learned, and then start introducing them to new concepts, Cesaretti said. Got the idea from meeting at the African American Parent Council. They were meeting, back in May and discussing how the AP courses in high school have very few African American students.”.

When you see incidents such as the “accidental” mass distribution of H2N2, it becomes all the more believable. These companies really don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t have adequate safety measures in place. Fluidity of thought and transience of being are amongst the sketchbooks defining characteristics. In this respect the sketchbook can be considered as operating as an interface, network and machine for the realisation and actualisation of a potentiality. In essence, it performs an occupational function for bringing forth of potentialities from the virtual realm of conception into the ontological realm. The sketchbook provides a threshold through which the virtual world of conceptual thinking can achieve being in the life world of objects and space. Imbued with this liminal potentiality and used in a similar way to that of the artist, the sketchbook offers the designer an alternative mode of engagement with their practise. The sketchbook offers a field of fluid potentiality for the exploration of the fantastic, the transgressive and the alternative when utilised in this way; it mutates into a liminal zone through which the designer can explore their creative potential, somewhat other to the normative constraints of commercial practice.

Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThis discussion paper describes a new and comprehensive model for diagnosing the causes of individual medical performance problems: SKIPE (skills, knowledge, internal, past and external factors). This builds on a previous paper describing a unifying theory of clinical practice, the RDM p model, which captures the primary skill sets required for effective medical performance (relationship, diagnostics and management), and the professionalism that needs to underpin them. The SKIPE model is currently being used, in conjunction with the RDM p model, for the in depth assessment and management of doctors whose performance is a cause for concern..

When lawmakers crafted the law legalizing marijuana in Illinois, they tried to make sure it would right what many see as past wrongs linked to the drug. In addition to expunging hundreds of thousands of criminal records for marijuana arrests and convictions, the law architects added provisions meant to benefit communities that have been the most adversely affected by law enforcement efforts to combat the drug. The UAW said Jones requested the leave, which is effective Sunday.

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