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Oceans also sequester more than a quarter of the carbon of the planet, keeping it out of the atmosphere and regulating the earth’s climate. Energy on our planet ultimately comes from the sun’s radiation incident on our earth. This energizes photosynthesis in primary producers at the foundation of the food web, as well as the energy accumulated over millions of years as fossil fuels.

And as they work through their lives, through better education, through hard work, through attitude enterprise and hard work they do well. Look, yeah, of course I’ve got a bit of a famous story of by back story of Mum and the state house. But actually, I’ve met thousands of people who come up to me and say, ‘My situation is exactly the same as yours.’ Look, the young guy that cut my hair on Friday night, he’s 20 odd years of age; he is actually saving up to buy a house; he’s working in a hair salon; and he told me he’s going to own salons one day; he’s going to do well.

This water is being released because they have run out of places to keep it on land. It’s too deadly to transport anywhere else, and all the storage pools around Fukushima are already overflowing. So they’re dumping it into the ocean, then calling it “safe” because they claim the ocean will “disperse” all the radiation and make it harmless..

Here, by using synchrotron based scanning transmission soft X ray microscopy (STXM) with nanometer resolution, we discern nanoscopic gas bubbles > 25 nm with direct in situ proof of O2 inside the nanobubbles at a hydrophilic particle water interface under ambient conditions. We find a stable cloud of O2 nanobubbles at the diatomite particle water interface hours after oxygen aeration and temperature variation. The in situ technique may be useful for many surface nanobubble related studies such as material preparation and property manipulation, phase equilibrium, nucleation kinetics and their relationships with chemical composition within the confined nanoscale space.

It may not be an issue moving forward. Last night, Tillis told me during the interview, suspect that provision will change he added, I think for the most part we should take that argument off the table and take that potential constitutional challenge off the table. SB 666, the bill that would essentially prevent parents from claiming their child as a dependent on taxes if that child votes on a college campus instead of their home district, Tillis was very clear..

Who is Jack Ryan? No, really, I’m asking. The character, created by airport novelist and perennial dad favorite Tom Clancy, has been featured in dozens of novels, films, and video games and, now, a TV show on Amazon. He’s been portrayed by a murderer’s row of leading men: Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Red October, Harrison Ford in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger, Chris Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and Ben Affleck in one I’m not going to bother looking up.

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