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Good for them! Nick Stahl takes the reins as the nightwatchmen beleaguered by images of death flashing in the warehouse mirrors that surround him in various gruesome ways. Like I said, it’s not great but it’s definitely worth a buck at Redbox and, as a double feature, also contains the original Korean movie Into the Mirror as a bonus. It’s all right, too.RADLEY METZGER’S SCORE (Not Rated)Cult EpicsCult director Radley Metzger was one of the kings of the early ’70s chic fad, a filmmaker who wasn’t afraid to put raw bi sexuality, both female and male, on the screen in Euro lensed erotic fables that, by today’s standards, are quite tame and innocent and extremely cable ready.

Gary Ruskin, executive director of Oregon based Commercial Alert, a website that monitors commercial culture, called the ADA’s partnership with CSAB “corrupt” and demanded that the contribution be returned to CSAB immediately. “If Cadbury Schweppes really wanted to reduce the incidence of obesity and diabetes, it would stop advertising its high sugar products, and remove them from our nation’s schools,” said Ruskin. “This is just another attempt by a major junk food corporation to obfuscate its responsibility in the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the United States.”.

Warning, this may get a little as they used to say. This is also going to piss you off. All of you. The sight of Octavia Spencer the warm, supportive character in The Help and Hidden Figures brings on a Pavlovian smile. So it goes in the first few seconds of the Ma trailer, when she buys a group of local teens some beer. Then the soundtrack quickly shifts to freaky thriller music, and we watch as she turns into a crazed stalker who makes threats, locks high school kids in her basement and sews their lips together.

Ron and Peter won five of the next six ends to led 20 18. Then scored two shots on the 20th end to lead 22 19. Peter Buining drew three awesome shots on end 21 to level the scores. The Nibelungenlied poem dates from about 1200, but the genesis may go back to the 5th or 6th Centuries. The early 13th Century poem was almost certainly written for entertainment performance at a kingly court located somewhere between Vienna and Passau. It is most likely that both these epics derive from old songs and lays1 known by their respective poets.

Since atoms are very picky about which wavelengths of light they will absorb, scientists can selectively choose the type of atoms they target (and the direction in which they are moving). By reducing their motion, they lower the heat in the system, since temperature is determined by the speed of atoms in a substance (also expressed as its kinetic energy). If successful outside the lab, refrigerators could one day ditch the bulky machinery and damaging chemicals for beams of light..

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