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Third Asia Pacific accelerating growth and looking at the positive long term trends. Four, the great export, the step up in our retail network is there almost completed. That shows again our degree of efficiency in being able to basically touch in the last 9 months, 12 months, one quarter of our store network base and being more modern and more effectible for our consumers.

When the mouth is dry we are thirsty, which is an arrogant statement, and unfortunately western medicine bought into that understanding, and that’s why we have a sick care system, because from the age of 20 onwards, we gradually, imperceptibly become dehydrated without knowing it. We lose our perception of thirst. By the age of 70 we may be totally thirsty and obviously thirsty and yet not recognize the need to drink water, even when water is put next to us..

H. Wade, A. R. If white people has a scholarship for JUST white people that would be racist, if white people had a month to them that would be racist. Black people even have their own black entertainment channel you don see anything on TV that says white entertainment. Why? Because that would be racist.

The data came from a Mexican company that was seeking oil in the region. The geologists saw the structure and guessed, from its circular shape, that it was an impact crater. Further observations were done using magnetic and gravity data, NASA said, as well as space observations (including at least one shuttle mission)..

Understanding the climatic and historical factors shaping species richness is a major goal of ecology and biogeography. Consensus on how climate affects species richness is still lacking, but four potential and non exclusive explanations have emerged: water energy, where diversity is determined by precipitation and/or temperature; seasonality, where diversity is determined by seasonal variation in climate; heterogeneity, where diversity is determined by spatial variability in climate; and historical climatic stability, where diversity is determined by changes in climate through evolutionary time. Climate “richness relationships are also mediated by historical processes such as phylogenetic niche conservatism and lineage diversification across regions.

Background: Up to 18% of adolescents will engage in an act of self harm before young adulthood, with the majority of acts occurring in private. Mobile apps may offer a way of providing support for young people at times of distress to prevent self harm. Objective: This is a proof of concept study designed to explore the safety, acceptability, feasibility, and usability of a smartphone app, BlueIce, with young people who are self harming.

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