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A reminder on how it started: the Asheville Food Wine Festival had run its course over the past decade or so and quietly ended in 2017, so a group of Asheville culinary rock stars, led by Chef Katie Button of Curat, started brainstorming what a new signature culinary event would look like. They decided on an event that would celebrate not just chefs, but all the required for a great meal, from the farmers and chefs to everyone in between. The result was Chow Chow, named after the familiar Southern relish.

This artist’s illustration depicts a possible “seed” for the formation of a supermassive black hole, that is an object that contains millions or even billions of times the mass of the Sun. In the artist’s illustration, the gas cloud is shown as the wispy blue material, while the orange and red disk is showing material being funneled toward the growing black hole through its gravitational pull. Credit: X ray: NASA/CXC/Scuola Normale Superiore/Pacucci, F.

On Friday afternoon, students across the street waved signs, yelled and banged drums. Their banner slogans included NYU affordable and is what Democracy looks like. Overnight, dozens of supporters had scuffled with police outside the building; one was arrested for disorderly conduct.

The New York resident sent $15 to socialist council member Kshama Sawant, a target of the online retail giant. About 1,900 others also have donated to Sawant since Oct. 14, her campaign says. Ventimiglia hasn’t seen any new scripts yet, but he’s talked with Fogelman about upcoming storylines. One thing they’ll likely address quickly is the controversial Season 1 finale. Viewers were led to believe they’d finally learn how Jack died and when that revelation failed to come, they lashed out on social media.

The new congresswoman duo entered the halls of Congress with the aim of bashing and denuding Israel of its democratic image. Their trip was arranged and co sponsored by Miftah, a not for profit organization headed by Hanan Ashrawi, a longtime Israel foe. According to NGO Monitor, Miftah group holds membership with the Aman Coalition, which has accused Israel of and having goals.

Wayne A. Ray of Vanderbilt University said the Trasylol case highlights the need to do comparative studies before new drugs are approved, rather than after.All content posted on this site is commentary or opinion and is protected under Free Speech. Truth Publishing LLC takes sole responsibility for all content.

Glorified drug dealersAnd now, experiments like this one reveal most general practitioner doctors as the glorified drug dealers that they are. They just write prescriptions for anyone who walks through the door. And that’s really sad, because I know that’s not the intention of many of these doctors, but the difficult and fascinating thing is that even doctors don’t realize when they’re being influenced.

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