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It can only get duller from here. After all the dirt that has been thrown around, both candidates are trying to get voters to focus on the positive parts of their biographies. Allen started running an ad talking about his service as both governor and senator in the state and his support for lower taxes, while new Webb spots talk about his war service and his support of increased funding for health care.

The entire event is custom made for the continent of Australia and New Zealand, occurring under dark skies. Now for the bad news: the waning gibbous Moon will be less than 14 hours past Full during the event, meaning that the ingress (disappearance) of Regulus will occur along its bright leading limb and egress (reappearance) will occur on the dark limb. We prefer occultations during waxing phase, as the star winks out on the dark limb and seems to slowly fade back in on the bright limb..

Bowlen started his day, by parking in the garage, coming up through the steps and stopping by Greek office and chatting with him. So I called him. Greek goes to bed early because he gets here about 4 in the morning or 4:30 in the morning. The treaty also lay the groundwork for future conflicts: the Civil War, triggered by increasingly furious debates about the expansion of slavery into the territory seized from Mexico; and the Indian Wars, caused in part by the new border slicing through Indian homelands. In Mexico, the war with their northern neighbors and the ensuing treaty loom large in popular consciousness. Most attendees were politically active; Frederick Douglass participated.

The clergy of the church are of three ancient orders: deacons, priests, and bishops.Click the link for more information. ), is the officially established church in England (it was disestablished in Wales in 1914); the monarch is its supreme governor. The Presbyterian Church of Scotland is legally established in Scotland.

Picture: Getty Images for boohooSource:Getty ImagesWith more than 13 million followers, Hill Instagram feed stands out for reasons other than her seriously enviable outfits. She not afraid to show the real her.media is the highlight reel of one life it not realistic, Hill told News Corp Australia in an exclusive interview.like showing the real me in all phases of life. I do not care about backlash or judgments for putting up an unedited makeup free selfie.me someone who has not had a pimple and I will show you a liar, Hill added.

The investigation is in only its initial stage and no definitive answer can be given at this time to the question of the cause or causes of the crash. The data recorder and cockpit voice recorder have both been recovered, but have not yet been read. However, the circumstances are ominously similar to the crash of a Lion Air Boeing 737 Max 8 last October, which plunged into the Java Sea only minutes after taking off from the airport in Jakarta..

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