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La visite de M. Gates au Kurdistan interviendra trois jours aprs la tenue des scrutins lgislatifs et prsidentiel dans la rgion autonome, dont les rsultats officiels n’ont toujours pas t rendus publics. Une liste dissidente kurde a russi, l’issue d’une campagne anti corruption aux lgislatives, menacer l’hgmonie des deux grands partis traditionnels kurdes et pourrait devenir une relle opposition au sein du parlement autonome du Kurdistan irakien..

It would give the city of Charlotte broader permission to use its existing food and beverage and occupancy tax for renovations at Bank of America Stadium and amateur sports facilities. The current use of the tax only applies to the Charlotte Convention Center.This is different from the city and Panthers original proposal for the stadium which asked for a one percent food and beverage tax increase, along with the state of North Carolina chipping in another $62.5 million.Read more from reporter Brad Broders here.They have an independent board of directors that oversee finances and operation of the airport. Raleigh Durham International Airport board has members appointed by the cities of Raleigh and Durham and Wake and Durham counties.

However there needs to be caution, as the use of a single epoch of raw observations from a moving base station is less reliable than traditional static base station Network RTK GNSS positioning. The relative position or baseline may be accurate, but not necessarily the absolute position). Three control solutions are used to assess the performance of the cooperative positioning techniques in real world tests: An RTK GNSS control solution provided by a local static continuously operating reference station (CORS); a Network RTK GNSS solution based on the MAC standard; and an Applanix POS/RS dual frequency GPS inertial navigation system.

We are not Americans so why should we be sensitive to their history? it had nothing to do with the US history of blackface, whatever the hell it’s all about. It should be looked at in an Australian context as to whether or not it’s racist. So many Americans are now jumping on the bandwagon saying all Australians are racist sure some are, but I would prefer the honest racism I have seen in australia to what I see written every day by US people online that is covertly racist.

They raised their hands during a prayer session and cried, many loudly, as an imam led the sermon with an emotional narration of their sufferings. The prayer was held for the victims of the killings, rape and arson attacks by Myanmar soldiers and Buddhist militias. Please help us, we want to go back,” said the imam..

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