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If you don’t follow the person whose story you want to watch, peeking will be a bit more difficult. You’ll have to wait for their story to appear on your Explore page which, if you have their phone number or have friends in common, it probably will. Then, follow the same steps above, though you’ll need to be cool with publicly viewing the story that shows up before theirs..

As Joseph continued through the grades, he succeeded at certain activities, but struggled with others. In fourth grade, the school sent him for a battery of tests, none of which identified any specific diagnosis. There were, however, signs of mental distress, which would lead to Joseph’s first Individual Education Plan, a contract between the family and the school..

Like all living creatures, stars have a natural lifespan. After going through their main sequence phase, they eventually exhaust their nuclear fuel and begin the slow process towards death. In our Sun’s case, this will consist of it growing in size and entering the Red Giant phase of its evolution.

What scientist Kenneth Emory did find, however, was evidence that a small Polynesian tribe once settled there briefly, perhaps no further back in time than the 16th Century.Despite that finding, more revelations were to come from the tiny island during the ensuing years.Researcher Mitch Williamson dug deeper into the mysteries.Reporting on some of Williamson amazing findings, Rich Hoffman, explorer and investigator, writes: are 40 stone temples on Malden Island that are described as similar in design to the buildings of Nan Madol on Pohnpei, some 3,400 miles (5,475 km) away. In fact, there is a basalt road that runs along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean which connects these islands under hundreds of feet of water.suggests a culture that is more than 50,000 years old and that this entire land mass was once above water supporting a civilization that had no trouble moving around tremendous stones to build very large, complicated societies which we know absolutely nothing about, other than the fact that someone built them and they are older than biblical history.nobody discusses them because they don fit into our understanding of the human race and their origins. Scientists have their diffusion theories of how migrants arrived in North America using the land bridge of the Bering Straight and they are sticking with it.Cuba too has underwater ruins off its coast that may have been part of the same city state complex.Hoffman also mentions, almost in passing, the incredible report of explorer Tony Benik who made the momentous discovery of yet another huge pyramid under 10,000 feet of water in the middle of the Atlantic.The pyramid, Benik claims, is capped with a huge crystal.And if that not enough, Hoffman shares the discovery of the Ari Marshall expedition in 1977.

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