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After the Hurricane 8. Make Sure It s Safe Make sure that vital utilities such as plumbing and electricity are operational, and there are no physical or environmental hazards before allowing the children to return to areas impacted by a hurricane. This doesn t just go for the local mall be sure to personally check your child s school, daycare, and/or frequented locations.

Two women are kidnapped from a parking lot and awaken to find themselves strung up in a barn by a crazy old coot who seems to be keeping something under the floorboardssomething that needs blood. Meanwhile, a group of kidnappers plot and execute the abduction of the local millionaire’s little girl, not realizing the rich papa has some tricks of his own. Together, they all are corralled into an abandoned silo as the thing in the barn gets loose and needs more blood.

Influence of machine topology and cross coupling magnetic saturation on rotor position estimation accuracy in extended back EMF based sensorless PM brushless AC drivesThe influence of the machine topology and dq axis cross coupling on the rotor position estimation error in an extended back EMF based sensorless brushless AC drive is investigated by both finite element analysis and experimentally on four brushless AC machines having different rotor topologies, viz. Interior circumferentially magnetized, interior radially magnetized, surface mounted, and inset magnets. The d and q axis apparent self and mutual inductances, Ld, Lq, Ldq and Lqd, are predicted by finite element analysis for various d and q axis currents.

This close up image of Enceladus clearly shows multiple plumes erupting into space. Image: NASA/JPL/Space Science InstituteFinding plumes of water erupting from a moon is one thing, but it’s not just water. It’s salt water. In this case, especially if e is large, the number of delta electrons that form characteristic branching tracks can serve as a measure of velocity. Here, the grain density is also e2/v2. If e = 1 and v c (where c is the speed of light), the trail of the particle in a nuclear emulsion appears as a broken line of 15 black points per 100 micrometers of path length..

Several recent studies have demonstrated the immune enhancing and cancer preventative properties of spirulina. The February, 2008 Food and Chemical Toxicity journal reports a study investigating the antimutagenic effects of Spirulina on rat genes. Loss of genetic integrity was greatly reduced in the spirulina fed groups, and semen quality was improved.

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