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Trump was in Mississippi trying to shore up support for Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, who is locked in a tight race to replace term limited Republican Gov. “We are in a border country and are facing huge immigration issues and people aren’t reacting too well,” she furthered. “They see this as a scary situation without remembering that we were the first to migrate; Italians are everywhere in the world. It’s not about negotiating your own identity but about the encounters of culture, which always give birth to something stronger and new.

When they complained to him about the hours he would say Bullshit because his time cards in the computer records showed his employees punching in on time every day and that if they had a problem with the hours they could pay extra for a duel membership to the shit hole gym and the other shit hole gym that was still a shit hole but considerably larger with more free weights and also 24/7. Eventually after about 6 months of this people just stopped coming to the tiny gym. We had the whole place to ourselves.

And it about giving the time to the preparation. I been here for a few months here and I happy to say that we already done a few steps in our journey. When I came on board, I was here for almost a week before I decided to join. When the structural, transformative understandings of violence against women found in international texts are translated into national laws, policy documents and implementation on the ground, they might challenge widespread ideas about gender relations, or they might be diluted in order to achieve consensus. To what extent has French violence against women policy moved into line with United Nations (UN) and Council of Europe initiatives which present violence against women as both a cause and a consequence of gendered power relations? Have internationally accepted concepts of gender and gender based violence been incorporated into French policy debates and, if so, how? What implications, if any, does all this have for the continued struggle in France and elsewhere to eliminate violence against women?En 2014, la France ratifie la Convention du Conseil de l’Europe sur la prvention et la lutte contre la violence l’gard des femmes et la violence domestique (dite Convention d’Istanbul) et adopte dans la foule la loi pour l’galit relle entre les femmes et les hommes afin de mettre en conformit la lgislation franaise. Cette loi place la lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes dans un contexte de lutte contre les ingalits de genre.

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