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Extended a drive in which quarterback Ken Stabler ran in with eight seconds left for a comebackNew England appeared poised to make another run in 1978, but Fairbanks tenure came to a controversial close that season. Owner Billy Sullivan suspended Fairbanks after accepting the coaching job at Colorado and though he was reinstated before a a playoff game against the Oilers, the Patriots lost. Fairbanks later admitted to recruiting players while still coaching New England..

Julie Gentile, Woman of Distinction, Monrovia Julie Gentile has been an active member of the San Gabriel Business community for over fifteen years. In that time she served on numerous boards for local charitable organizations, including the board of directors of the Foothill Unity Center, Monrovia Chamber of Commerce, The Duarte Chamber of Commerce, Santa Anita Family YMCA, and Monrovia Reads. She also provided monetary support to many other local organizations including Center Stage studios, the Monrovia Rotary Club, The Boys Girls Club, Monrovia High School, The Arcadia Chamber, the Monrovia Knights of Columbus, The Arcadia Associations of Realtors, The Monrovia Library Guild, the Children’s Hospital Guild, and the Monrovia Firefighter’s Association.

Greece was led by the reactionary Royalists. In Yugoslavia, Tito and the communist party led an increasingly totalitarian state, which didn’t break up until the Yugoslav wars of the l990s. During my talk, I will examine these two Communist resistance movements in an effort to explain why power was distributed so differently in the two nations after the war..

The stator designs are populated by different slot/pole combinations, winding arrangements and over a range of possible stack lengths. However, the design is constrained by physical diameter, stack length and electrical volt ampere constraints. A large number of preliminary machine designs do not satisfy the specified turbo generator torque/speed requirements under the given volt ampere constraints and therefore it is ineffective to perform Finite Element analysis on all preliminary design variations.

Head to Yardie Creek gorge in Cape Range National Park. The ancient gorge has deep blue water, red limestone cliff faces and a wonderful array of birds and wildlife, including the rare black footed wallaby plus red kangaroos. Kayaking is a great way to see the colours up close, or explore the gorge on a 1.5km walking trail.

ARCADE’s revolutionary design makes it super sensitive to cosmic noise. Chilled to 2.7 degrees above absolute zero by immersion into more than 500 gallons of liquid helium, each of ARCADE’s seven radiometers alternately views the sky and a calibration target. The project allows for significant high school and undergraduate student participation.

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