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In the national battle over abortion the American South is affirming the promise that all men are created equal and endowed with unalienable rights, first among them the right to life. In the first six months of this year there has been a moral outcry by virtually the entire Deep South to protect and defend the sanctity of life. The South has united and declared with one voice no more abortions.

Using qualitative methodology with a pragmatic epistemology, semi structured interviews were conducted and the data explored using Thematic Analysis.Three families were positive about using LENA; they identified benefits of the feedback, suggested important factors for future use and would recommend it to other families. One family chose not to complete the recording. Key to acceptability is parental understanding of LENA TMs purpose and the need for a trusted professional to facilitate interpretation and change.LENA is acceptable for some UK families with a young deaf child suggesting there is potential for successful implementation.

ToF SIMS is a label free imaging method that has been shown to enable imaging of amiodarone in single rat macrophage (NR8383) cells. In this study, we show that the method extends to three other cell lines relevant to drug discovery: human embryonic kidney (HEK293), cervical cancer (HeLa), and liver cancer (HepG2). There is significant interest in the variation of drug uptake at the single cell level, and we use ToF SIMS to show that there is great diversity between individual cells and when comparing each of the cell types.

4) I feel it places an unfair burden on people simply to have to go through the application process. I should not have to explain or justify my religious beliefs, my medical conditions, or my psychological issues to school administration. To me, this seems an awful lot like government putting up road blocks for the free practice of religion.

Continuing the /n smb?l/ series’ tradition of offering underperformed works, the program concludes with Richard Purvis’ Pice Symphonique for organ, strings, harp and timpani. Written and premiered by the composer in 1969, this marks only the work’s third performance, despite its unmistakable beauty and charm. In four movements, the organ is both a solo instrument and an equal partner with the orchestra.

Friday and Saturday. $15 $20. 708 N. After studying the degree of detail obtained in the seconds long scans, the scientists wondered how the [stated] radiation exposure could be so low. The answer, they concluded, lay in how the manufacturer and government officials measured the dose: by averaging the exposure from the beam over the volume of the entire body. This is how scientists measure exposure from medical X rays, which are designed to zap straight through bone and tissue.

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