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Our delusional Pastor in Florida has garnered all the media attention he craves with his threat to burn a religious book or two on the anniversary of 9 11. Burning books is a passion older than the Gutenberg press and yet it has never really slowed down the expression of the ideas that cause fear, distrust and hatred in some people. People burn books for religious and political ideals..

Those numbers may seem quite surprising since our summer seemed so dry for such a long period of time. That dry weather combined with the number of thunderstorms produced by passing storms is what helped give us a very bad wildfire season. I sorry to say that doesn give us much of an insight into exactly how much we will actually get, but is at least an indication of the trend for that period of time..

In the past 30 years, Bend has had several large wildland fires which either threatened or destroyed multiple homes. The 1990 Awbrey Hall Fire razed 22 houses and damaged several others, while the 1996 Skeleton Fire consumed 30 structures. Although one can imagine a massive wall of fire raging through a subdivision, the reality is quite different.

Initial results indicate putative CLK immunolabeling occurs prominently in Cluster 6 of the fiddler crab brain, a region implicated in the regulation of crustacean circadian rhythms. Additionally, CRY cytoplasmic staining was elevated at mid scotophase compared with mid photophase, consistent with findings in Drosophila [3]. We are currently studying the timing differences in the presence of the other circadian proteins including TIM and CLK..

Artaphernes therefore agreed to supply a fleet of ships. Sources differ, but it is generally agreed that the fleet would have contained between 100 and 200 ships. It was commanded by Megabates, one of the king’s cousins and a general of some repute.

Spent months with sheriff’s deputy Nick Tuller and his family as they struggled to get him the treatment he needed after being shot three times, including once in the head. In a compelling four part series, Hixenbaugh described how specialists at TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston quickly determined that Tuller wasn’t in a coma or a vegetative state, as previously thought, but was drifting in the netherworld between consciousness and brain death. He knew who he was and where he was but could do little to show it.

Football is NOT a war game. It is somewhat violent for sure but has nothing to do with war. In war people die in order to preserve people like Kaep right to protest. We find that the protocluster galaxies have an approximately unevolving observed frame i ‘ [3.6] colour across the examined redshift range. We compare the evolution of the i ‘ [3.6] colour of massive cluster galaxies with simplistic galaxy formation models. Taking the full cluster population into account, we show that the formation of stars within the majority of massive cluster galaxies occurs over at least 2 Gyr, and peaks at z 2 “3.

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