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While there’s no brighter deep sky objects for binoculars or small telescopes, there are a couple of challenging galaxies in the Crater constellation that are well suited to a large aperture. Let’s start with the brightest elliptical galaxy NGC 3962 which is easy to spot (like all elliptical galaxies), though there’s not much detail to be seen. Even if it is not terribly exciting to behold, it is on the Herschel 400 observing list..

It is shown that the introduction of a schematic ISB interaction of the same type of that used in the f7/2 shell is needed to reproduce the data. An alternative novel description, applied here for the first time, relies on the use of an effective interaction deduced from a realistic charge dependent chiral nucleon nucleon potential. This analysis provides two important results: (i) The mirror energy differences give direct insight into the nuclear skin; (ii) the skin changes along the rotational bands are strongly correlated with the difference between the neutron and proton occupations of the s1/2 “halo” orbit..

D. Edward Vogel, administrative secretary of the United Drive In Theatre Owners Association, said most drive ins need to make their money off concessions. That not an easy thing to do, since many people feel comfortable bringing in their own food. In short, there are countless interesting facts about this gas giant that many people just don’t know about. And we here at Universe Today have taken the liberty of compiling a list of ten particularly interesting ones that we think will fascinate and surprise you. Think you know everything about Jupiter? Think again!.

The government has to step up and make sure that no one is forced to keep shivering through winter in a glorified tent. Joel Dignam, Comfy Homes Alliance, Watson John Smith (Letters, July 12) will be relieved to know that our son recently repeated your 1950s generator grid synchronisation exercise. And yes, the girls and boys also learnt your “test its mounting bolts main lesson”.

This tiny rocketed to worldwide fame when viewed through the eyes of the Hubble. It name? Pillars of Creation August 31 Tonight at sunset, return again to the western horizon to have a look at our bright planetary pairing. Just 24 hours before their closest approach, you will see brilliant Venus only one and a half degrees below the Mighty Jove.

The region has the capacity to quickly build housing for the refugees. The giant construction companies that have built the gleaming towers of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh should be contracted to create shelters for the influx. Saudi Arabia has plenty of expertise at managing large numbers of arrivals: It receives an annual surge of millions of Hajj pilgrims to Mecca.

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