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A massive, over 7 metre high balloon, representing one tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2). Credit: UN Photo/Mark GartenCoordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) with the support of the Government of Norway, they will be responsible for measuring CO reductions through the application of renewable energy projects. The coalition was formed in light of the fact that while many nations have such initiatives in place, they are not measuring or reporting the drop in greenhouse gases that result..

Unfortunately, main courses are just as uneven. I’ll give a thumbs up for the blackened Arctic char. Though more light brown than black, the fish has a good crust seasoned with an appealing spice blend. But, you know, you get goose bumps. Even when it a warm day at Petco, you get goose bumps. Seeing those Marines serve, knowing they about to go and and again, put their lives on the line to give us the freedoms we enjoy.

Universe Today recently covered the quirks of the Earth’s rotation on this past weekend’s June solstice. We are indeed slowing down, to the tune of an average of 2.3 milliseconds (thousands of a second) of a day per century in the current epoch, mostly due to the tidal braking action of the Moon. The advent of anthropogenic global warming will also incur variations in the Earth’s rotation rate as well..

If dragon slaying made Saint George a legend, his martyrdom made him greater than any soldiers of chivalric romance. It takes a certain man to face decapitation over venerations of pagan idols. But Saint George did just that. The magazine lauded the hotel for incorporating the history of the former newspaper building into the interior design, including hallways, memorable headlines tumble down the walls and spill across floors in ragged alphabetical reviewer also gave a nod to the Union restaurant and Chef Josh Berry, who into vegetables, raiding local farmers markets for the beautiful and strange, gently extracting the sublime. There plenty of seafood, too, as when the time right for lobster; everything rendered with the same deft touch, deep flavor, and droll nods toward Maine traditions. Bad for a building that has bones, as Brady put it, but had suffered from decades of oddball updates, such as the installation of three separate heating systems without removing the old ones.

In both Rendell and her alias Barbara Vine’s more psychological thrillers, the twin comforts of romance and a safe home and family give way to disturbance, discomfort, disease, and disruption. Romance is treacherous and betrayed. However passionate, stolen, turbulent, and filled with promise, it slips away at a single deceptive act or through the repetitive, mundane everyday.

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