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Less than a quarter of traders identified their ‘system’ as being the cause of either their best or worst trades, with ‘best’ trades being attributed to significant market moves over 40% of the time closely followed by allowing winning trades to run for a long time. Only a third of traders said they regularly checked the bid ask spread before placing a trade with only a quarter ever checking the interest swap charges, despite nearly half of all traders saying they kept trades open overnight. When asked what single area a trader would like to improve, most traders focused on physiological issues rather than system ones.

I am delighted to make my first contribution to FMH News.On Monday I received a warm welcome to the University and I am now settling into the new faculty office in the Jane Foss Russel building on the Camperdown campus with the (growing) team.It is truly exciting to join the University when a new faculty is just beginning to take shape. The Faculty of Medicine and Health brings together extraordinary talent which has the potential to make a transformative impact on healthcare. As a faculty we will need strong partnerships with health care providers and industry and a collaborative and integrated approach to both education and research.

Data from online social networks carry enormous potential for psychological research, yet their use and the ethical implications thereof are currently hotly debated. The present work aims to outline in detail the unique information richness of this data type and, in doing so, to support researchers when deciding on ethically appropriate ways of collecting, storing, publishing, and sharing data from online sources. Focusing on the very nature of social networks, their structural characteristics and depth of information, a detailed and accessible account of the challenges associated with data management and data storage is provided.

During the Mississippian, 359 323 Million years ago (Ma), the continents were clustered around the South Pole, and shifting continental plates were closing in around the Tethys Ocean in the Eastern Hemisphere. This landmass (Gondwana), centered at high latitudes in the southern hemisphere, included South America, Africa, India, and Australia, and served as a base where ice sheets formed and grew towards the equator in the Late Mississippian (late Visean to Serpukhovian). Evidence for glaciation is widespread in South America and scattered through other regions around the globe.

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