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Greed is evil. Greed in Congress, making every business owner a reluctant tax collector. (Why not pay your tax directly to the government? We can trust you to be honest in your taxes right?) Greed by the welfare recipients guarantee that those persons will vote for higher taxes and politician who will protect those interests..

Butler Bounds into NCAA Final: Coach Brad Stevens’ math teacher esque appearance is fooling no one: this guy knows how to call ’em. His Bulldogs are making their second consecutive appearance in the final game. The eight seed team flawlessly executed its solid defense and strong half court offense this weekend in their romp over 11 seed VCU, 70 62.

The love for baseball slowly reignited with 2012, 2014, and 2017. The bug biting over and over but not fully breaking the skin. As I watched the 2019 wild card game with bated breath, Soto smashed that ball in the eighth and after being tagged out, screamed GOOOO seemingly straight at me..

It remote controlled, guided by a blinking blue flashlight. Each burst of blue sets off a cascade of signals through the cells, which have been genetically engineered to respond to light. The contraction of the tissue creates a downward motion on the ray body.

Despite the large number of measurement tools developed to assess problematic Internet use, numerous studies use measures with only modest investigation into their psychometric properties. The goal of the present study was to validate the short (6 item) version of the Problematic Internet Use Questionnaire (PIUQ) on a nationally representative adolescent sample (n = 5,005; mean age 16.4 years, SD = 0.87) and to determine a statistically established cut off value. Data were collected within the framework of the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs project.

Muldoon also (2009) identifies that students and employers differ on what they see as desirable transferable skills, and Kember, Ho and Hong (2008) argue that students are likely to be more motivated and positive if they see the ‘relevance’ in what they are learning. A conceptual framework (Zepke and Leach 2010) on how students engage with and make sense of their studies, this paper will discuss data collected from students whilst they were studying an employability module in the curriculum, and a follow up one year on, to examine their perceptions of the achievability or appropriateness of the learning styles and outcomes, to their planning for life after university. Covering aspects such as student motivation; transactions between teachers and students; institutional support; and engagement for active citizenship, the paper will examine how the module has affected student career planning as they prepare for life after university.

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