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These are extremely rule based and their appearance is total and complete, varying by register and dialect. I could go on further, but this concludes my defense of English consonants and the cherry picking of irregularities of English orthography in this thread. I know I went overboard, but it’s good for people to learn new things..

Another, more contemporary issue on the UN’s agenda in 2017 will be killer robots. UN member states have agreed to begin talks to ban killer robots this year. According to the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots the talks will “(bring) the world another step closer towards a prohibition on the weapons.” A similar agreement back in 1995, led to government agreeing to pre emptively ban lasers that would permanently blind, according to the campaign..

While ICE has designated certain locations such as schools, medical facilities and places of worship as locations, where it does not carry out enforcement actions, it has so far refused to designate courthouses as sensitive locations. The result is that a large segment of New Yorkers are now discouraged from appearing in state courts, including in housing disputes, to obtain orders of protection or to settle important matters such as child custody. For example, an elderly victim in Brooklyn who was allegedly assaulted by her son is reluctant to move forward with the case because the defendant is a Green Card holder and the complainant does not want to risk seeing him deported.

It is often claimed that France is a particularly purist country; the Academie francaise is seen to be representative of a purist outlook and popular works such as Etiemble TMs attack on English influence Parlez vous franglais? (Etiemble, 1964) have served to bolster this view. However, this claim has not been empirically verified. In order todetermine whether or not the rhetoric around purism in France matches the reality, we developed a questionnaire to investigate whether or not ordinary speakers of French in France are purist, taking the theoretical framework in George Thomas TMs Linguistic Purism as a base (Thomas, 1991).

The undertaking was challenging. How to get the grain into Lonesome Lake? The barley could only be transported so far and was left in piles covered by tarps. Ralph had to then move as much as he could carry in stages. And I think we can get it here. And if it doesn’t work, we’re not afraid to change it. But we certainly want to do everything that we can to make sure that we have a natural grass surface..

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