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In depth interviews explored their stories of the learning they experienced during their careers and business ventures. From the interpretation and analysis of these narratives, a number of significant themes emerge which suggest how the respondents made sense of their experiences and developed their entrepreneurial capabilities. From these themes, a conceptual model which relates the development of entrepreneurial learning to entrepreneurial achievement is proposed.

NFL) did call some of our people about it, and as far as I know I didn know exactly what the conversations were but our guys answered honestly, he said. Did not notice anything. We never had a ball that they were using on offense, so we don know anything about that in our game.

Coal gasification on the other hand is said to be the solution to energy problems in Australia. The chemicals known as BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene) however are undermining its efficacy. BTEX is found in a range of oil based products, including lubricating oil, diesel and petrol..

This is not the first attempt at creating a Hawking radiation analogue in a laboratory. In 2010, an analogue was created from a block of glass, alaser, mirrors and a chilled detector (Phys. Rev. Ischaemic heart disease (IHD) is one of the most common causes of death in the UK and treatment of patients with IHD costs the National Health System (NHS) billions of pounds each year. Allopurinol is a xanthine oxidase inhibitor used to prevent gout that also has several positive effects on the cardiovascular system. The ALL HEART study aims to determine whether allopurinol improves cardiovascular outcomes in patients with IHD..

In order to address these issues this chapter focuses on the game design aspects of mobile AR games: What constitutes a truly “good” mobile augmented reality game? What kinds of design mistakes are easy to make and how can they be avoided? How is augmented reality best utilized in a mobile game? In trying to answer these questions this chapter will start with an overview of AR games developed in both the commercial as well as in the research domain. This is followed by an in depth look on a mobile augmented reality game called TimeWarp, whose theme is strongly coupled to the folklore of the city it is hosted in. The chapter closes with a set of game design guidelines that were mainly derived from the evaluation of TimeWarp to be helpful when designing such games..

Oldman, he look alright to me last season. Had his team in every game and seemed to energize the team. The only harp I hear is his arm motion. I’d be most worried if I was a TSA body scanner operator. I’ve seen some images that clearly show the operator as part of the resulting scan. They do a lot of scans per day and all that radiation adds up.

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