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Animal rights protesters have been present at this year shows, which fall amid the final days of the famed Ringling Bros. Circus. The 146 year old touring company, which will hold its last show May 21 in Uniondale, New York, blamed its closure on rising operating costs and declining attendance, especially after public pressure forced it to eliminate elephant acts last year..

The Mona Lisa Foundation, which has been working with the anonymous owners of the “Isleworth Mona Lisa,” says that after 35 years of research, experts believe it predates the famed 16th century masterpiece by some 11 or 12 years based on regression tests, mathematical comparisons and historical and archival records. “We have used methods that were not available to Leonardo 500 years ago.””When we do a very elementary mathematical test, we have discovered that all of the elements of the two bodies the two people, the two sitters are in exactly the same place,” Feldman told The by phone. “It strikes us that in order for that to be so accurate, so meticulously exact, only the person who did one did the other .

As indicated by the names, the former is able to produce only black and white colors while the later will produce a color image. The first age color scanners were realized only by three colors: red, green and blue (the RGB system). There are also CCD (charged couple device) and CIS (contact image sensor) scanners.

U., Gelletly, W., Gerst, R. B., Grska, M., Gredley, A., Greenlees, P., Harkness Brennan, L. J. Nachman, a lawyer representing the New York attorney general office, said in a letter to the court that the records helped officials identify shell companies that a member of the Sackler family used to conceal his wealth.these records have allowed the State to identify previously unknown shell companies that one of the Sackler Defendants used to shift Purdue money through accounts around the world and then conceal it in at least two separate multimillion dollar real estate investments back here in New York, sanitized (until now) of any readily detectable connections to the Sackler family, Nachman wrote. On this evidence alone, the State anticipates the addition of one or more of these previously unknown shell entities as defendants directly liable under the State DCL claims. Wire transfers continued through last year, the filing saysSackler was involved in 137 wire transfers totaling nearly $20 million, and some of those transfers occurred as recently as 2018, the filing indicates.Sackler received some of those transfers, he redirected portions of those proceeds to two other entities that own real estate on his behalf, the document said.According to the court document, Sackler transferred nearly $40 million to Central Eight Realty LLC, which owns a townhouse in New York on his behalf.

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