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Parents mistakenly believe brand name schools impress employers and lead to more opportunities. Researcher Paul Hill, who analyzed millions of admissions and salary records for student loan lenders, didn find that to be true. Consistently, a graduate major had a far bigger impact, says Hill, president of Job Search Intelligence in Los Angeles..

One man he was hired to kill had raped a Mobster’s daughter. He tied the man to a tree, stripped him of his clothes, and then pulled off the guy’s genitals literally pulled them off. Then [using a knife] he began slowly slicing off pieces of flesh just like strips of meat.

The ever growing volume of data routinely collected and stored in everyday life presents researchers with a number of opportunities to gain insight and make predictions. This study aimed to demonstrate the usefulness in a specific clinical context of a simulation based technique called probabilistic sensitivity analysis (PSA) in interpreting the results of a discrete time survival model based on a large dataset of routinely collected dairy herd management data. Data from 12,515 dairy cows (from 39 herds) were used to construct a multilevel discrete time survival model in which the outcome was the probability of a cow becoming pregnant during a given two day period of risk, and presence or absence of a recorded lameness event during various time frames relative to the risk period amongst the potential explanatory variables.

Perovskite is a crystalline organometal made mostly of calcium titanate, and is found in deposits all over the world. It was first discovered over 150 years ago, but only recently have scientists started investigating its use as a solar panel semiconductor replacement for silicon. It certainly makes sense if we can work out the kinks.

M. And Vella, A. And Nutland, S. UPDATE 8.39PM: NSW Police are advising residents in the Hawkesbury LAC to either stay put and activate their bushfire emergency plan, or evacuate to the Richmond Club in Market Street, Richmond. UPDATE 8.05PM: Dozens of homes are feared destroyed and thousands more remain in the path of fires still burning out of control as NSW is hit by its worst bushfire emergency in more than a decade. There are more than 90 fires burning across the state at 8pm, about 35 of which remain uncontained.

With 15,000 individual rock art sites, it boasts the densest population of rock art painting in the world. We join the small crowd in the hotel lobby waiting to go on tour. One woman hesitates when she hears reports of a swollen creek one metre and rising and the prediction of further heavy rain.

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