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These have been implemented successfully in some major beef exporting countries, but in Kenya are still at a pilot stage. To understand Kenyan farmers’ preferences on the type of DFZ that would be readily acceptable to them, a choice experiment was conducted using a D optimal design. Results show that farmers would be willing to pay to participate in a DFZ where: adequate training is provided on pasture development, record keeping and disease monitoring; market information is provided and sales contract opportunities are guaranteed; cattle are properly labelled for ease of identification; and some monetary compensation is provided in the event that cattle die due to severe disease outbreaks.

Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractLarge brains relative to body size represent an evolutionarily costly adaptation as they are metabolically expensive and demand substantial amounts of time to reach structural and functional maturity thereby exacerbating offspring mortality while delaying reproductive age. In spite of its cost and adaptive impact, no genomic features linked to brain evolution have been found. By conducting a genome wide analysis in all 37 fully sequenced mammalian genomes, we show that encephalization is significantly correlated with overall protein amino acid composition.

Objectives The main aim of this study was to examine the measurement invariance of the Work Organisation Assessment Questionnaire (WOAQ) across genders in a group of healthcare employees, using bifactor modelling. There is a very limited research that uses invariance testing of bifactor models, despite their usefulness. Establishing validity of the WOAQ in this way is important for demonstrating its relevance for both males and females.

This wristwatch like device comes in neons like lemon lime, fuchsia, teal, and Coca Cola red as well as white and black. Flash is similar to the pricier Misfit Shine, but is made using a soft, flexible plastic, so it also extra comfy. Waterproof up to 30 meters, it lets you specifically track swim workouts as well as running, walking, cycling, and sports like tennis, basketball and soccer.

It really becomes difficult to try to get good nutrition into the bodies of people who refuse to understand what nutrition can do for them. They refuse to accept information even from those who are trying to help them. They refuse to make any changes in their life whatsoever that require effort, that require breaking their existing pattern of disease, malnutrition, and mass consumption of sugary foods, pizzas, processed meats, and other similar disease promoting items..

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