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Pharmaceutical companies don’t have the same addictive quality for their drugs. You’re not necessarily psychologically or physiologically addicted to drugs in the same way as nicotine. However, by starting a kid early on drugs, they can create a paradigm where that kid grows up thinking that he is a diseased person, and that he is that label.

There are several articles online in which various cheap sunglasses have been tested, and they have been found to have no problem offering 100% uv protection, save for rare defective pairs, no different than proper sunglasses at any price point. Like I stated earlier, all glass or plastic lenses, regardless of brand, regardless of tint, are treated at the factory to offer full UV protection (except for polycarbonate, which does not need to be treated to add uv protection). The conclusion is that anyone can buy a cheap pair that is labeled as offering UV protection up to 400 nm, and if concerned take them to an optometrist and have them tested to be certain..

After an eruption, the lava can cool and harden in the volcano conduit forming a hard plug. In some cases the plug causes the volcano to build up additional pressure and have an explosive eruption. In other cases, the volcano goes extinct, and the hard plug is all that remains when the rest of the volcano erodes away.

An ardent anticommunist, Hoover had been a key player in an earlier, though less pervasive, Red Scare in the years following World War I (1914 18). With the dawning of the new anticommunist crusade in the late 1940s, Hoover’s agency compiled extensive files on suspected subversives through the use of wiretaps, surveillance and the infiltration of leftist groups. The information obtained by the FBI proved essential in high profile legal cases, including the 1949 conviction of 12 prominent leaders of the American Communist Party on charges that they had advocated the overthrow of the government.

Various conclusions can be drawn from the results obtained. First, given the 100% recall achieved at the segmentation step, the CAST can be considered a reliable segmentation technique for spotting drinking and eating gestures which may be employed in future gesture spotting work. Second, the addition of gesture discrepancy as a feature descriptor consistently improves the classification performance of the system.

What stuck out about your comment was the last line about grandparent catering. While I also dislike the feature, calling it a shortcoming and catering to a demographic would suggest that it’s not aligning with you as a target regarding that aspect. Which, as I failed to express in my initial comment, is fine..

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