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Click on image for a larger version. Be aware that all phone numbers to councillors are identical and your call will be screened by an unelected member of administration before you will be allowed to speak with a councillor. Now engineers are in a race to prevent it from sinking into oblivion..

It was once said, “There is nothing more practical than a good theory” (Lewin, 1952, p. 169) and yet Community Psychology (CP) as a practical discipline is beset with a theory practice gulf that does not appear to be narrowing. The article by Jason, Stevens, Ram, Miller, Beasley, and Gleason (2016) plays a commendable role in outlining the challenges faced by community based researchers and practitioners in developing, testing and utilizing theoretical approaches that could reliably benefit the health and well being of target groups in a community.

Ms. Rachel Johnson, 18, a high school graduate and valedictorian of her class at Abundant Life Academy, out of Nutley, New Jersey, was the very first recipient of the Foundation Youth Educational Initiative, The Hip Hop Movement 2014 Gold Merit Award. The award was created to allow the student community and various corporate sponsors to get involved with assisting college bound high school seniors to raise an unlimited amount of funds to offset their college expenses and also enable, equip and empower students once they graduated to encourage them to come back and enhance the community which assisted them in obtaining their college degrees..

Emory, a survivor of the attack, scoured decades old documents to piece together who was who. He pushed, and sometimes badgered, the government into relabeling more than 300 gravestones with the ship names of the deceased. And he lobbied for forensic scientists to exhume the skeletons of those who might be identified..

Now, some good news for those looking for a new office. Amherst Dentistry is stepping up and taking on the caseload Allcare is leaving behind. Roughly 3,500 charts have been transferred to Amherst Dentistry and the doctors are currently in the process of sending out letters offering free consultations to their new patients..

The results also reveal surprising new clues about the nature of the very early universe. For starters, the Hubble images (combined with data from Spitzer) showed that GN z11 is 25 times smaller than the Milky Way is today, and has just one percent of our galaxy’s mass in stars. At the same time, it is forming stars at a rate that is 20 times greater than that of our own galaxy..

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