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Your rationale for complaints about vaping is obnoxious at best, and irresponsible and dangerous at worst. You think people vaping look ridiculous? So what? Do you think they doing it for looks? You think smoking looks cool(er)? So did millions of people who saw it in films and advertisements for decades, and it led most of them into early graves. You had to smell a cloud let off by an inconsiderate vaper in a crowd? Well, I sorry that happened, but being forced to smell strawberries for a few seconds is far superior to being subjected to a known and very deadly carcinogen, at least as far as I concerned..

Back to LibraryThing and with my gender head on I note that of the 22 profile images on offer onlysix are female. I’m guessing you need to be dead to be on this list which may excuse the omission of Alice Walker and Toni Morrison, and not by your own hand, which leaves out Sylvia Plath or Anne Sexton. We are left withEdith Wharton no lack of respect intendedbutand how many of her books are you familiar with?.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileLast April the province unveiled its brand new Serious Incident Response Team. The agency was established to conduct independent and transparent investigations of all serious incidents involving police officers.The idea is to give the public more confidence in investigations that were previously handled by other police departments.But as its first year of operations winds down, there are questions about the breadth of its mandate.Let me give you two scenarios:In the first, a suspect trying to flee police jumps off a ledge and breaks his leg.In the second, police officers pull over a vehicle in Dartmouth as part of an ongoing investigation. As officers approach the vehicle they are confronted by a suspect with a firearm.

“For 27 years, the PCI SIG has continually delivered new versions of I/O standards that enable designers to accommodate the never ending increases in bandwidth required for next generation systems, while preserving investments in prior generation interfaces and software,” noted Nathan Brookwood, research fellow at Insight 64. “Over that period, peak bandwidth has increased from 133 MB/second (for the first 32 bit parallel version) to 32 GB/second (for the V4.0 by16 serial version), a 240X improvement. Wow! The new PCIe 5.0 standard doubles that again to 64 GB/second.

I do like the progress Ward had made but no. Bowman leading tackler in NFL and still not fully back. He hands down 1 He was on a torrid Hall of fame type of pace that hopefully his injury was only a temporary setback. Folk, lectronique, pop classique, orchestrations grand dploiement, minimalisme amricain, impressionnisme franais et autres musiques srieuses, bruitisme et autres avant gardes, on en passe. Rien son preuve! Sufjan Stevens s’est d’ailleurs rendu clbre pour son intention de crer 50 opus pour autant d’tats amricains. Les albums Michigan (o il est n) et Illinois (o il rside) ne sont pas passs inaperus.

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