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The SIMCR suggests that such resilience can develop as a result of a social identity that emerges from shared experiences of adversity, and is similar to recent theoretical developments in the field that argue for a more community oriented approach to resilience. Furthermore, such shared experiences may have a beneficial role in helping those exposed to adversity, in that such common identities can help survivors support each other and reduce the risk of psychological trauma. Recent literature from the fields of Social Psychology and Resilience are explored, and the benefits of such mutual social support are discussed.

Coli and Salmonella that cause illnesses to occur. Sure, they cause the classical signs of stomach and digestive distress, but what about those illnesses that occur down the road from eating foods? What about antibiotic resistance or allergies? These too are now being considered foodborne illnesses. The CDC stated that foodborne illnesses cause 9,000 American deaths annually, 81 million are sickened, and 325,000 require hospitalization.

Air purification during the rainy season needs a professional hand. This is because; you will close your doors and windows in the rainy season. You must implement the right air purification system in those seasons. The obvious hurdles are going to be maintenance/reliability and cost. Any such device needs to stay in reliable service, preferably for decades at minimum and not break down. Servicing the device would likely be as expensive as getting it there in the first place unless it is manufactured simply enough to allow for a robotic/remote repair/maintenance mission.

The two part plan includes a funding mechanism, known as Senate Joint Resolution 1, which will go before voters as a ballot measure in 2014. The second part of the funding plan, known as House Bill 1, details the way lawmakers decide how much money gets left in the Rainy Day Fund. It also directs TxDOT to find cost cutting measures without reducing funding for transportation projects..

The people of Auburn, including the Anasagunticook tribe that settled along the Little Androscoggin in 1684, been intricately tied to the Androscoggin River throughout history, which has helped shape the community, the land and the river itself over time, according to the Grow L+A written statement. The markers explore the battles over land rights, the foundation of Auburn as the Androscoggin County seat, the fact that Auburn was the first city in Maine to adopt the council manager form of government, and the shoe manufacturing and other industries that sprouted over time. There is also information about the 1937 labor strike that caused the failure of some of the city shoe manufacturers and how that, and foreign imports, ended Auburn reign as the capital of the world.’ the Lewiston side of the trail, visitors will learn about the rich heritage of Maine second largest city, according to the statement, including significant residents, entrepreneurs, buildings, and cultural transformations in the founding and building of the community.

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