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Only you’d need every one of your fingers and toes plus the digits of your best bud to count all the casualties in Austin’s arts community since the Great Recession. The past two years have been especially harsh as the victims have included spaces with long, rich histories Salvage Vanguard Theater, nine years; Big Medium at Bolm Studios, 16 years; the Off Center, 18 years and also complexes like Pump Project with spaces for multiple artists and arts businesses. For the 19 years that Flatbed Press has made its home on MLK, it’s made room in the facility for other arts related entities.

But even with the deal, Obama still faces big obstacles to closing Guantanamo. Congress has effectively blocked him from doing so for his first five years in office, and he faces declining clout in his final three. Yet the president seems determined as part of his legacy to push for closure of the prison he argues never should have been opened and become a symbol around the world for an America that flouts the rule of law.

“We were hitting ourselves in the head, saying who can we get to help us,” he said. “So we turned the radio on and heard (Sammy Davis Jr. Singing) ‘The Candy Man.’ So we shot down to Las Vegas to see him and the Candy Man said yes. It’s all a result of the FDA’s decision regarding direct to consumer advertising in 1998. Following that decision, drug companies were allowed to run ads on television, in magazines and all over the web, urging consumers to ask their doctors about drugs they might not even need. The first result was to cause patients to barge into their doctors’ offices and demand drugs about which they had absolutely no knowledge.

Nominations for next year opened on 7 October, and now you can nominate here.You can nominate people, or groups of people, in the following Pride of Britain award categories:TSB Community Partner AwardFor an individual or group of people who have worked together in partnership as a force for good in their local community, improving the lives of people around them. This could be anything from supporting young people to thrive to bringing communities together to create something special. The winner or winners will have galvanised the support of the people around them to make a difference..

Her fianc Duncan, grins as the two tell the story of their engagement a few nights prior at a restaurant in Bend. That story which is so appallingly romantic that to repeat it here would shame men everywhere probably won make it onto the blog, but pretty much everything else about Brosh is up there, including the time she shaved her head (and then won a dog show) and the time she tried to run in an NCAA track meet with a 104 degree fever and subsequently passed out. Then somehow ended up in a Spanish only grocery store.

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