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Having made 57, Gavaskar fell as he tried to leave a fast and short delivery that brushed his glove on the way into the hands of Alan Knott. Price, nicknamed “Sport” since he forgot names and called everyone that is proud that Gavaskar mentioned this Manchester spell in his autobiography Sunny Days. “Sunil came to England with a very good reputation, particularly the way he had handled West Indies’ fast bowlers.

The results showed that continuous mode microwave extraction was more economically beneficial than conventional extraction in batch and continuous modes. Sensitivity analysis revealed that the production cost was significantly affected by annual production and extract yield, and moderately influenced by raw material price. The optimised scheme for bio flocculant production was continuous mode microwave extraction at 90 C, a residence time of 10 minutes, a water loading of 3.5 w/w and production rate of 220 tonnes per year.

There are six enormous panels of reinforced concrete more than halfway up the front face of the new Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and North Congress. Six panels illustrating the museum’s theme “The Story of Texas” in detailed bas relief far above the heads of visitors.

Drop whatever you’re doing and go read Maciej Cegowski’s absolutely magnificent essay Our Comrade The Electron, an astonishing history of the amazing Russian engineer Lev Sergeyevich Termen. Make sure you read right down to its punchline, “the most badass answer imaginable.” But if time is short, or you struggle to read English, please at least read its angry rant, from which I quote:In the 90 it looked like the Internet might be an exception, that it could be a decentralizing, democratizing force but those days are gone What upsets me, what really gets my goat, is that we did it because it was the easiest thing to do Making things ephemeral is hard. Making things distributed is hard.

As it stands, only the 165,000 residents who voted last November or have recently reactivated their status will receive ballots by mail. The other 95,000 residents registered to vote, who did not vote in November and have not updated their status, are considered by state law. They will receive mail ballots only if, by next Monday, March 7, they reactivate their voter status online or visit the city clerk office..

During the course of the day, she calls an employee in for a performance appraisal. She tells the staffer she’s noticed a slackening of his performance and that he’d better pick up his act or his job might be on the line. The staffer tells his manager about a number of serious personal issues which are affecting his concentration.

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