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Phase field modeling may be understood as a methodology to reformulate interface problems as equations posed on fixed domains. In some cases, the phase field model may be shown to converge to the moving boundary problem as a regularization parameter tends to zero, which shows the mathematical soundness of the approach. However, this is only part of the story because phase field models do not need to have a moving boundary problem associated and can be rigorously derived from classical thermomechanics.

In 1990 Newberry National Volcanic Monument was created by an act of the 101st Congress, and signed into law by President George H. W. Bush. “Since the first days of radio communications more than 100 years ago, eclipses have been known to have large and sometimes unanticipated effects on the ionized part of Earth’s atmosphere and the signals that pass through it,” says Phil Erickson, assistant director at Haystack and lead for the atmospheric and geospace sciences group. “These new results from Haystack led studies are an excellent example of how much still remains to be learned about our atmosphere and its complex interactions through observing one of nature’s most spectacular sights a giant active celestial experiment provided by the sun and moon. The power of modern observing methods, including radio remote sensors distributed widely across the United States, was key to revealing these new and fascinating features.”.

Sporadic early onset Alzheimer TMs disease (sEOAD) exhibits the symptoms of late onset Alzheimer TMs disease (LOAD) but lacks the familial aspect of the early onset familial form. The genetics of Alzheimer TMs disease (AD) identifies APOE4 to be the greatest risk factor; however, it is a complex disease involving both environmental risk factors and multiple genetic loci. Polygenic risk scores (PRS) accumulate the total risk of a phenotype in an individual based on variants present in their genome.

It wasn the first time this team had goofed around with an April Fools day joke. Google, as a whole, goes wild on April 1st. Maybe it for the resulting publicity. However, the spread (a measure of timing precision) was unchanged, such that the coefficient of variation (spread/peak time) was significantly larger in DHPC lesioned animals. This implies that, in addition to the well established effect of DHPC lesions on timing accuracy, DHPC damage produced a deficit in precision of timing. To complement this analysis, different generalized linear mixed effects models (GLMMs) were performed on the combined dataset, to examine which combinations of the different behavioral measures of timing were the best predictors of the degree of hippocampal damage.

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