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The president claims to be speaking for the victims, yet he chooses which victims, because I, as many of you, have witnessed victims from Aurora, Sandy Hook, and even Columbine plea with law makers to not pass measures that criminalize and punish the law abiding citizens for the acts of killers. They demonstrated common sense and showed true courage to stand against the lies and denounce the measures as ineffective. The promises of preventing these horrific acts in the future are misleading and even our own governor has admitted, here in Colorado, the similar guns bills would not have prevented tragedies such as Aurora and Sandy Hook.

Russia and China are very different beasts than the US, but not being democratic governments (or even representative democracies like the US) their populations are not self determinant in how their government functions. Actually considering the GOP current method of governing that caters to their donors over their electorate we might be more similar than not. Hmmmm..

This morning, for example, I woke up before dawn and cuddled with my beloved and went out by myself and ran eight miles and went over its deep boulders and into the canyons and I have this game that I played with myself. I live out here in the wilderness and this game is that I can never take the same path twice. And then, I go into this pool and there’s waterfalls.

This study explores the experiences of members in a newly launched CRPS discussion forum, to examine the support content of messages and how support processes become established. Content analysis was used to code messages using the Social Support Behavior Code.Emotional support was the most common, followed by informational, esteem and network support, with tangible aid occurring only rarely. Support processes started almost immediately when the group was launched, similar to what happens in a face to face support group where strangers meet for the first time and immediately support one another.

Among the repeats and easily the two highlights of the show are Christopher Simon’s crayon/watercolor cartoon “Hello, Dad, I’m in Jail,” based on Was (Not Was)’ harrowing song of the same title. Don Hertzfeldt’s opus “Rejected” was rightfully nominated for an Oscar last year and unrightfully robbed. It’s angry piece, showing the frustration of an artist trying to do the work of an honest hack and failing, awkwardly, hideously, in a manner guaranteed to terrorize the children he’s supposed to beguile..

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