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The continental and marine territories of Uruguay are characterised by a rich convergence of multiple biogeographic ecoregions of the Neotropics, making this country a peculiar biodiversity spot. However, despite the biological significance of Uruguay for the South American subcontinent, the distribution of biodiversity patterns in this country remain poorly understood, given the severe gaps in available records of geographic species distributions. Currently, national biodiversity datasets are not openly available and, thus, a dominant proportion of the primary biodiversity data produced by researchers and institutions across Uruguay remains highly dispersed and difficult to access for the wider scientific and environmental community.

Even if decompression tables are followed strictly, it will leave the body with a surfeit of dissolved nitrogen. Consequently, repeat dives should be treated with caution and flying after diving can be a problem (see below). If two dives are planned in any 24 hour period, the deeper dive should always be done first.

Sagittal rays intersect the pupil along a line that is perpendicular to the meridional plane for the ray’s object point and passes through the optical axis. If the axis direction is defined to be the z axis, and the meridional plane is the y z plane, sagittal rays intersect the pupil at yp=0. The principal ray is both sagittal and meridional.

Valid and reliable instruments are required to appropriately study perfectionism. With this in mind, three studies are presented that describe the development and initial validation of a new instrument designed to measure multidimensional performance perfectionism for use in sport (Performance Perfectionism Scale Sport [PPS S]). The instrument is based on Hewitt and Flett’s (1991) model of perfectionism and includes self oriented, socially prescribed, and other oriented performance perfectionism.

14 othersMcCarthy, G. D., Merchant, C., New, A. L., O’Reilly, C. Now, this is all basic stuff. This is really Anatomy and Physiology 101. These are the basics, right here, and yet I’m amazed at how many doctors neglect to tell their patients about the importance of physical exercise.

The NCAA membership has already taken a number of steps in the right direction. For example, all Division I student athletes now can receive unlimited meals and snacks in addition to the three meals a day or food stipends they normally receive. Further, schools can offer multiyear athletics scholarships and commit to providing opportunities for student athletes to come back and finish their degrees after their playing days are over..

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