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So, both are about equally common these days and you are in good company if you prefer leapt. What an awesome answer! It appears my preferences don have as much to do with overall word commonality as I originally thought. I always wondered why the way I spoke differed so much from what I read.

Four wheel drive only! Curiosity took this photo showing a sea of dark dunes from the Pahrump Hills outcrop on November 13th. Credit: NASA/JPL CaltechCuriosity has also photographed Earth, sunsets and transits of Phobos across the Sun while rambling across the dusty red landscape since August 2012. Before we depart, it seems only fair to aim our gaze Mars ward again to see what’s up.

Last night [Tuesday], the Berkeley City Council voted to postpone for two weeks consideration of three items introduced by Councilmember Jesse Arreguin in response to the police response during last December’s protests, despite the fact that students and members of the community had been waiting for eight hours over two separate council meetings to speak on these items. I am extremely disappointed in the Berkeley City Council for once again refusing to address police brutality. The City Council impeded students from voicing their opinions to them on this matter on multiple occasions: the Mayor unilaterally canceled the meeting following the protests; a majority of the City Council voted to delay a special meeting until January 17, ostensibly in order to allow students to speak, despite the fact that the students would not be back from Winter Break for that meeting; and, the Mayor brought up agenda items out of order, which further delayed consideration of these items.

I don’t know how you do it, but you seem to ignore or forget certain stuff. Maybe you don’t want to see it. We’re not passing health care for the people who are happy with what they’ve got. After consulting with his parents, he decided he would try to broach the topic of his sexuality in the speech, and see if he could get the approval of the dean office. He submitted the text two weeks before the ceremony, adding a series of annotations explaining his intentions and citing the words of apostles advising acceptance of gay members. The dean office signed off on the speech, telling him, for it.

Recommendation: Check it out and have fun. Figure out what you like and don’t like about it. If you think it might be helpful pass that information along to Berkeleyside and / or MapLight. Nov. The two boys were separated from their mother Monday night when their car became stuck in the floodwaters. The mother got her sons out of the car, but a wave came and swept the children away.

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