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The aim of this thesis was to ascertain the effect of individual and zoo level factors including individual personality on herd interactions and social structure, and to gauge the level of change in herd dynamics over a year. Behavioural data were collected over 12 months for each study zoo (January 2016 February 2017). Subjects were 10 African (1 male: 9 female) and 22 Asian (3 male: 19 female) elephants housed at 7 zoos and safari parks in the UK and Ireland.

H. Carpenter, L. J., 11 Apr 2017Article in Global Biogeochemical Cycles. L’ONU estime 400 millions le nombre de femmes qui se sont maries alors qu’elles taient enfants en Amrique latine et dans les Carabes, en Asie du Sud et en Afrique subsaharienne. Les jeunes filles maries sont sujettes plusieurs types d’abus, et les risques pour leur vie dcuplent pour elles et leurs bbs lorsqu’elles sont enceintes durant l’adolescence. Les complications lies l’accouchement sont la cause numro un des dcs chez les adolescentes de 15 19 ans dans les pays pauvres, selon l’ONU..

A high point was last June when the Los Angeles City Council honored me for pioneering coverage of gay Hollywood, entertainment and cultural issues in a mainstream newspaper. It was a proud day and I was honored to have former Daily News editor Ron Kaye and former DN managing editor Melissa Lalum by my side. They were my true champions in this endeavor.

We propose the application of moral foundations theory (MFT) as a means of exploring the roots of the current punitive consensus around sexual crime policy at the macro level, as well as individual variability in attitudes about sexual violence. Following an overview of the sexual offender policy landscape, and a description of MFT principles, we outline how this framework can help to explain both convergence and divergence in responses to sexual offending among members of the public. We also provide a series of testable hypotheses to stimulate further research in this area..

Investments we made are critical and allow us to continue providing our customers reliable service each and every day, even in extreme weather conditions, said John O PSEG Long Island vice president of transmission and distribution. Continuously monitor and identify areas where we can upgrade the equipment or complete preventive maintenance work, increasing performance and delivering the reliable, resilient service our customers expect. Some of the recent major improvements include:.

This article explores the difficulties encountered in recruiting participants for a study of young people living with a parent at the end of life. Far from being a smooth, linear process, recruitment was experienced as a series of overlapping challenges, characterised here as wheels within wheels TM. Where potential participants are constructed as vulnerable within the research process, access tends to be mediated by ‘gatekeepers’.

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