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An attorney with the UNC Center for Civil Rights argues the law should be more broadly interpreted and expects an appeal. Supreme Court said Monday that it would not review rulings overturning marriage bans in five states, including Virginia. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond in July struck down Virginia ban.

“It is all over,” said a spokeswoman for Excel. Excel Airways Group is a subsidiary of Icelandic investment firm Avion Group. Aug 18, 2006. We then determined psychophysically the gain that corresponded to a perceptually stationary source. Experiment 1 showed that the gain was small and positive for a wide range of trained head speeds. Hence listeners perceived a stationary source as moving slightly opposite to the head rotation, in much the same way that observers see stationary visual objects move against a smooth pursuit eye movement.

That’s deception. It is what destroys consumer confidence in the free market, thereby harming the efficiencies of the market itself. How many corn based food products, for example, are entirely avoided by informed consumers today merely because they suspect those products might contain GMOs even if they don’t?.

The holiday greeting from Princess Reema is the perfect start to what can hopefully become a change for good for Muslims, Christians and Jews. But let’s not play politics with the Saudi ambassador’s genuine expression of respect for the Jewish people and their religion. In no way does it undermine the Palestinian struggle.

The indigenous perspective can provide a more complete, in depth, and accurate account of psychological phenomena for a given culture, but a major issue is that indigenous research tends to be ignored by researchers from other cultures. Chinese researchers who conduct research on indigenous issues may find it hard to publish in major English language journals. This paper explores how Chinese indigenous research is able to contribute to universal knowledge.

What amazes me the most about all this is how drug companies manage to cover up these facts and suppress negative evidence for so long. After all, these missing Prozac documents are from a trial in 1994! That’s a good ten years of suppression during which billions of dollars worth of these drugs have been peddled to patients by drug pushing doctors. Of course, Eli Lilly denies everything.

My personl feelings aside, I can’t help but cringe when I see these quotes; there is absolutely no professionalism at all in demeaning someone through some cheerfully taken out of context quotes. I was more then a little excited at a prospect of a Wikiquote, but it seems it has quickly turned into some second rate pseudo revolutionary site where the lax rules and vision has made every page into a soap box for such places like Media Matters. The name is duly noted as ironic.

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