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Participants were expectant mothers aged below 20 years with at least one live birth, or aged 20 “24 years with no live births and with low educational qualifications. Data from maternal interviews at baseline and when infants were 2, 6 and 12 months, and video recording at 12 months, were collected by researchers blind to allocation. Cost information came from weekly logs completed by gFNP family nurses and other service delivery data reported by participants.

The voice in your head is a reflection of all the “garbage” you carry around with you. Every emotion, expectation, experience that you pick up and carry with you (your identity preference, your nationality, your career expectations, your feelings for broccoli, etc.) is the paint used to create the voice. If you go abroad and live with the language and the people there, the voice will change to reflect that language.

Sure, Coppola accusation of straight up calling superhero films “despicable” is disrespectful to people who worked on the films. However, Scorsese quote in the context was about cinema being overly saturated by superhero films (and tentpole blockbusters in general) and leaving very little for more diverse, lower budget filmmaking. He also touched on how young aspiring filmmakers today have far less opportunity to pursue filmmaking in cinema (at least with their creativity and ideas) because studios are too busy financing big superhero movies..

I stared skyward to scan for Sputnik back when the Soviets were going to us. Then the oil shocks of the 1970s and the malaise of the Carter years doomed us. Next, the Japanese were leaving us behind. But the elder son was already so far advanced before the younger one was born that, if he had wished, he might have become a knight and held all the empire beneath his sway. The name of the elder was Alexander, and the other’s name was Alis. Alexander, too, was the father’s name, and the mother’s name was Tantalis.

Oxygen is essential for basic cell function in humans and most animals. However, research is showing that oxygen can produce toxic substances, such as peroxide, superoxide, hydroxyl radicals, and “excited stage oxygen”. These highly reactive substances combine with other molecules in the body with destructive effects.

The framework suggests analysing information or knowledge from six perspectives (Who, What, How, When, Where and Why) at up to six levels of detail (ranging from “scoping” the problem to an implemented solution). The way that each of CommonKADS’ models fit into this framework is discussed, in the context of several practical applications of artificial intelligence. Strengths and weaknesses in the models that are highlighted by the applications are analysed to show where CommonKADS is currently useful and where it could be extended.The same framework is also applied to knowledge management; it is established that “knowledge management” is in fact a wide collection of different approaches and techniques, and the framework can support and extend every approach to some extent, as well as helping decide which approach is best for a particular case.

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