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[for J. E. Bode], also known as Titius’s law or the Titius Bode law, empirical relationship between the mean distances of the planets from the sun. Modern information technology paradigms, such as online services and off the shelf products, often involve a wide variety of users with different or even conflicting objectives. Every software output may satisfy some users, but may also fail to satisfy others. Furthermore, users often do not know the internal working mechanisms of the systems.

Beto O who has made buybacks a central focus of his campaign.2 women have been criminally charged over their partners suicides. She is currently serving 15 months in jail. Indian traders have been told to stop buying palm oil from Malaysia, the second biggest exporter of the commodity, after remarks by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Kashmir sparked anger in New Delhi.

And they won’t be eligible for any of the schools’ specialized choice programs.But the new policy gives parents another set of options if they’re dissatisfied with their neighborhood school or think their child would be better off in a different one.Peter Licata, the school district’s director of choice and career options, said parents applied for open enrollment seats for “multiple reasons,” including some who were simply “unhappy with their local school.””We’ve had so many reasons why,” he said.But while he said the program may benefit students, it is “inequitable” because parents can only take advantage if they are able to transport children on their own, meaning that many poorer families may not be able to take full advantage.Palm Springs mayor’s name scrubbed from Bak Middle investigationNo one was arrested over Bak Middle’s missing $66K. Now the school board may sue.Dwindling enrollment at Odyssey Middle in Boynton Beach imperiled the school, and has now put it on a track to closure. But it isn the only school in the district that can fill even half its seats and most of those schools are middle schools.(See story on the school board meeting that is clearing path for Odyssey closure here.)One big reason: Parents of middle schoolers choose not to send them to their assigned schools and they make this choice more often than parents of elementary or high schools students, according to the district numbers.Of 42,269students in grades 6 8, nearly one third choose to attend a choice program at a school other than their home school or a charter school.Here are three examples of how this plays out, with data supplied from the district boundaries department as of the February head count.820 students attend the school built for 1,5341,317 students live in the boundaries175 of those attend charters; 448 attend another school in the district113 come to Carver from outside the boundaries for reasons such as its magnet program or special education servicesReminder: If you want your child in one of the district choice schools for the performing arts next fall, the deadline to submit an application is today, Dec.

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