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Your team needs something? It your job to ask for it. Gonna miss that deadline coming up in a month? It your job to tell the boss as soon as you know. And again, everyone expects you to do this, so don be shy and do it.. Staci Fox, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood Southeast, praised the ruling in a statement as victory for the people of Georgia and the entire nation. Governor Kemp, we promised to see you in court, and we did, she added. Most importantly, to our patients, we promised to protect access to safe, legal abortion and together we have.

Doomed to FailDiversity, equity, and inclusion are and way too belatedly topics in the nonprofit arts world right now. I heartily applaud the focus. However . Wilson’s proposal is a slap in the face to Pasadena’s low wage workforce and to the many people who worked for over a year to craft the policy following a healthy public debate. Moreover, a poll conducted before the City Council vote found that 74% of Pasadena voters citywide, and huge majorities in every City Council district (including 63% in Wilson’s district) voiced support for the $15 wage. The plan was endorsed by a broad coalition of clergy, nonprofit groups, educators, elected officials, civic and community organizations, businesses, and unions..

Canada has regulations keeping boats a certain distance from the whales, but is only now considering laws that would enforce a 100 metre exclusion zone around the whales.The letter sent to Canada defence minister said the whales were seen within the same area as the Ottawa just hours later.incident underscores the need for stronger protection of these whales, especially within their critical habitat, the letter stated.The navy sonar mitigation is based on its ability to maintain a safety zone of 4,000 yards or about 3.6 kilometres.southern residents are known to fall completely silent when resting sometimes for periods of six hours or more and can be difficult to sight even during the day beyond a few kilometres, the letter noted.The letter said the Navy current measures fail to take into account the wide ranging impacts of the mid frequency active sonar on the whales and called for the establishment of acoustic sanctuaries in the killer whales critical habitat areas.Thirty six hours after the sonar was set off, a group of southern residents from unusually mixed pods was seen in the sheltered waters of Discovery Bay, west of Port Townsend, Wash., an area they had never been seen in decades of whale watching by experts.That strange behaviour is one of the reasons Robin Baird, a research biologist with the Cascadia Research Collective, signed on to the letter asking to silence sonar.an area where southern residents have never been recorded in, he said. The kind of place if the whales were the area would duck into in order to get away from the sound. Baird said his biggest concern is the use of explosives in such war games.think just as a concerned citizen that we should not be dropping bombs or blowing things up where we got animals of any kind, let alone this apex species that loved by millions and millions of people.

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